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  • The Inspector
    • It would do us all a bit of good if we tried to put ourselves in the place of these young women'
      • Sympathy for lower classes
      • Socialist attitude
      • Plural of 'women' shows many more like Eva are out there
      • He disagrees/disapproves of Birlings' attitude towards them
    • 'Cutting through, massively'
      • Stage direction
      • Powerful, is in control of the conversation/ authoritative
      • Power over Arthur Birling
      • Disregard for social hierarchy and their 'upper class' status
      • Sense of purpose, not interested in trivial details
    • 'She was in great agony'
      • Emotive Language
      • Make them feel guilty
      • Trying to play on their emotions
    • 'We are responsible for each other'
      • Socialist attitude
      • Trying to influence family
      • They don't think of other people
    • 'If you're easy with me, I'm easy with you'
      • This is why it works for Sheila
      • Arthur is rude and disrespectful towards him
      • A real policeman would just be professional all the time
    • 'One person and one line of inquiry at a time'
      • A real policeman would interview people alone, not with everybody sat together listening, but it makes them all understand the impact of their actions.


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