The Influence of Economic Factors

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  • The influence of economic factors
    • Revolutionary 1792-1802
      • Following the outbreak of the revolution  inflation grew dramatically leading to shortages by 1790. Hitting the poor the hardest 
      • Industry increased overall
      • CPS established 20 Sword and bayonet factories and 12 new canon and gun factories
      • France and Uk got countries to accept a paper currecny which avoided high inflation
    • Napoleonic 1803 - 1815
      • Helped the economy to recover
      • Napoleon hoped continental system would hit British economy and make it harder for them to pay its £ 65.8 million in subsidiaries to allies
      • Continental system led to french over-extension
      • Napoleon not interested in developing Balloon observation and wellington not interested in Congreve rockets (1804)
      • The success of Britain in north Africa in 1942 depended on the mass build up of supplies in Egypt 
      • Napoleon had access to the countries resources led to improvement in road conditions
    • Crimean 1851-1853
      • British industrial strength did not prevent disaster - charge of light brigade
    • American Civil 1861-1865
      • Post civil war economic growth did not produce a vast army or any new military hardware 
      • North Union Blockade on southern cotton
    • WW1 1914-1918
      • Concern of Naval supremacy --> 400% ^ in naval expenditure £10.8 mill (1884) to £48.8 million (1914)
      • business men brought into government
      • British war production increased as a whole --> able to sustain warfare
      • russian shell prudction went from 450,000 a month in 1915 to 4.5 million in 1916
      • U-boat economic warfare responsible for US entry in1917
    • WW2 1939-45
      • Germany 1936 had established state control over industry
      • French and British  economic problems rearmament effected
      • Despite England having superior economic resources than the Japanese due to the leadership of Yamashita the British lost Singapore in 1942
      • ability of USSR to counter attack in 1943 depended on the ability to mass produce tanks and heavy artillery
      • The success of Britain in north Africa in 1942 depended on the mass build up of supplies in Egypt 


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