The Influence of Early Attachment

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  • The Influence of Early Attachment
    • Hazan and Shaver (1987)
      • Procedure
        • It also asked about attitudes towards love
        • They looked at 620 responses 205 - men 415 - women
        • They asked questions about current and previous relationships
        • They placed a love quiz in a small American town publication
      • Findings
        • Securely attached adults described their love experiences as positive
        • length years - 10=secure 5=avoidant 6=resistant
        • Positive correlation between attachment type and love experience
        • secure had a positive internal working model
        • 56% secure 25% avoidant 19% resistant
    • Behaviours Influenced by the IWM
      • Poor Parenting
        • Lack of an IWM means individuals lack a reference point
      • Childhood Friendships
        • Secure attachments rated highest for social competence in later life
      • Mental Health
        • Inability to interact and relate to others
      • Romantic Relationships
        • Securely attached infants made longer lasting future relationships


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