The Incarnation

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  • The Incarnation
    • The Incarnation is the Christian belief that God became a human being in Jesus (Jesus was God incarnate).
    • As the only Son of God, Catholics believe that Jesus did not have a normal conception but he did have a normal birth. Catholics believe that Mary was a virgin when Jesus was born and remained a virgin throughout her life life. They believe that being born of a virgin was the way God became man.
    • The virgin birth is important to all Christians because it shows that:
      • Jesus was the Son of God (not just a human being chosen and sent by God).
      • God was in him and he was in God.
      • Jesus had two natures- in his human nature he was a human being, but in his divine nature he was God (fully human and fully divine).
    • The biblical basis for the Incarnation
      • Matthew's Gospel
        • Tells how Joseph was told by an angel that Mary was a virgin who had conceived by the Holy Spirit and that the child was to be called Jesus because he would save the people for their sins. Joseph then married Mary, Jesus was born in Bethleham and they were visited by Wise Men.
      • Luke's Gospel
        • Tells how the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her about the virgin birth of Jesus, who was born and visited by shepherds who had been visited by angels telling them of Jesus' miraculous birth.
      • John's Gospel
        • Records the Incarnation in a theological form, identifying Jesus as the Word of God, the second person of the Trinity. John begins his Gospel at the beginning of the universe when the Word made everything that is. He then describes how the Word became flesh (the Incarnation), that is Jesus was God in human form.
    • Why the Incarnation is important for Catholics
      • The Incarnation is important for Catholics because:
        • It shows that God cared so much for the world that he came to Earth in Jesus to save people from their sins.
        • In Jesus, the incarnate Word of God, humans can see what God is like.
        • Through the Incarnation, God began the process of salvation from sin.
    • Sources of wisdom and authority
      • John's Gospel, Chapter 1 says that in Jesus, the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us, showing us the glory of God.
      • John Gospel, chapter 1 says that though no one has seen God, the Incarnation has made God known.
      • St Paul says in Colossians that 'the Son is the mage of the invisible God'.


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