The Importance of Trade to the Crusader States (Inter Crusades 1099-1149)

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    • Strategic and economic importance
      • western borders would make deals with more of Latin East, Muslim Syria, North Africa, Iraq and Byzantium
      • commercial life in the Outremer was most active in Tripoli, Acre, Tyre and St Simeon
      • allowed Outremer trade to flourish
      • Muslim and Christian conflict was forgotten about for most of the 12th century
    • Venitians
      • gained possessions and important privileges to encourage high commerce of the Eastern Mediterranian
      • possessions such as...
        • cloth
        • spices
        • fish
        • pigs
    • Secure income
      • Acre was the busiest port in the Turkish East
      • ports enabled a series of economic opportunities to present items to power
    • More money
      • capture of ports allowed crusaders to generate an overall rise in commerce
      • people pay taxes to enter the Outremer


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