The Impact of the Treaty of Versailles - Germany

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  • The Impact of the Treaty of Versailles (1920)
    • Military reforms
      • The army was reduced to 100,000 men
      • The navy was reduced to 15,000 men
      • The General Staff was disbanded
      • Not allowed tanks, aircraft, submarines or poison gas
    • Was the treaty harsh?
      • They had to sign it. The naval blockade was still in operation and the Allies were still in the Rhineland
      • Seizure of land meant that the economy suffered
      • The country recovered well under Stresemann
    • Land lost
      • Upper Silesia
      • Much of West Prussia
      • Schleswig
      • Eupen and Malmely
      • The Saar
      • The Rhineland
    • Reparations
      • Reparation Commission established
      • £6,600 million to pay in 1921
      • Germany said it couldn't afford to pay
      • Not as harsh as Brest-Litovsk
      • Cause 231: War Guilt Clause


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