Impact of industrialisation on the family

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  • The impact of industrialisation on families
    • Aries- historian- childhood didn't exist pre-industrialisation they were viewed as little adults and worked from young ages (poor) or married in alliances (rich)
      • Post industrialisation- middle class views towards children changed- infant mortality rate decreased because of this
        • 19th cent saw construction of childhood- 3 characteristics- 1- opposite to adults and needed protection so the age of consent was raised up to 16 in 20th cent
          • 2- world of adults and children should be kept separate- home and schools became places for children while they were banned from adult places like pubs
          • 3- children had their own rights- protected from work and entitled to happiness.
    • Land- industrialisation brought a new role for women- a single man's wage could support the family so women stopped working
    • hall- bought the dual burden- they had to work like men while assuming all domestic duties independently
    • Triple shift- earn income, domestic duties and emotionally support family


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