The Healing of Legion - Miracle

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  • The Healing of Legion
    • Theology
      • Human
        • Goes to Gerasenes and helps the gentile
          • Jewish purity rules - wouldn't have been allowed there but went to heal
            • Heals a gentile in a gentile area (pigs nearby)
            • Universalism
        • Shows compassion / agape
          • Legion is a social outcast
      • Divine
        • Dunamis
          • "Come out of this man you impure spirit"
        • No spells, his command was enough
    • Teaching
      • K of G available to all who show disciplesip
      • Jesus' Messiaship
    • Nature
      • Dunamis
      • Healing Miracle
        • Realised eschatology
      • No use of incantations
      • Facilitated by faith
      • Josephus (first century Jewish historian) Jesus was a doer of wondrous deeds
    • Purpose
      • Universalism
      • Shows power of God
        • Demons didn't just disappear; they were driven into pigs and drowned
          • The demon's begged Jesus
      • Shows Jesus' messiahship as the son of God
      • Power and Authority
      • Power over Satan


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