The Gun

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  • The Gun
    • Stanza 1 - 2
      • big gap between first and second stanza suggests big change gun brings
      • 'lay it...stretched out like something dead'
        • personification of gun - makes it feel more alive
        • irony of gun being something dead when it kills
      • 'the long metal barrel casting a grey shadow
        • sounds ominous and negative juxtaposes the 'green-checked cloth' - living vs dead
      • 'grainy polished wood stock' - uses hard plosive sounds like a gun
    • Stanza 3
      • 'at first it's just pratice'
        • suggests something innocence, use of the word 'just' suggesting have little of a deal it is
        • 'peforating tins...on orange string' - light-hearted fun
      • 'then a rabbit shot clean through the head'
        • change in tone, suggests a growth in skill
        • one line ending in a full stop suggests clean shot it took to kill the rabbit
      • personification of tins through 'dangling' - suggests gun has taken their life
        • we sense it's growing power
      • the contrast of innocence and deadilness of gun makes what gun can do more impactful
    • Stanza 4 - 5
      • 'fridge fills' - alliteration emphasises the growth of animals in the fridge
      • use of past tense 'have run' - how quickly guns kill
      • speaker is suggested not to like the gun 'reek of entrails' - 'trample' - negative relation to un
      • the gun user is presented as sadistic, 'like when sex was fresh' - primitive about their behaviour enjoy killing
      • 'a gun brings a house alive'
        • we see a change from the original introductory line
          • change in standpoint of you the narrator
        • on one line instead of split across two, as before, suggests house feels complete
    • Stanza 6
      • 'I join in' - the gun is narrating suggesting it has become so alive it has taken over the house
      • something sexual in the way the describe the cooking: 'slicing, stirring and tasting'
      • 'excited as if the King of Death... sprouting golden crocuses'
        • idea that out of death comes life - mirrors old pagan religiion
          • idea embodied through poem 'gun brings a house alive'
    • title
      • gun holds negative connotations immediately giving the reader a bad impression going into the poem
      • the use 'the' makes it specific and more ominous
    • structure
      • constantly changing lines length shows results and remerfacation of using guns
      • uses of punctuation mirrors sound of bullets
      • the colognes act as an aggressive caesura breaking up the lines - unnatural guns are


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