The Growth of Puritan Opposition

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  • The Growth of Puritan Opposition
    • Overall, Puritans opposed religious policies, foreign policy, and the rights of monarchy over parliament's rights
    • Religious policies
      • Puritans wanted Sundays to be more holy, but James encouraged leisure activities after Sunday Service
      • Growth of Arminianism
        • Too much like Roman Catholics
          • believed in ceremonial and the sacraments over preaching
          • sermons supported the Divine Right of Kings
          • Mystery was important for the holiness of Church
        • Bishops
          • James promoted two Arminians to bishops  - Lancelot Andrews and Richard Neile
          • Some bishops were also in the privy council and advised James on policy
    • Foreign Policy
      • Puritans were afraid as James was attempting to have better relations with Catholic powers.
        • Puritans wanted James to take the lead of the Protestant world
      • Why Puritans disliked Spain
        • Spain persecuted Protestants during the Inquisition
        • Spain killed Protestants in the Netherlands and France
        • Thirty Years War, and historic enemy under Elizabeth I
        • Spain killed Sir Walter Raleigh in 1618 - a well-liked Protestant
    • Puritans in Parliament
      • Puritans distrusted the Divine Right of Kings, were critical of James' methods to raise money, and disliked the extravagance of court
      • They created the Protestation in 1621, criticising James banned on what parliament could discuss
        • James dissolved Parliament in response and removed the Protestation from the records


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