The Growth of Population I (general outline)

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  • The Growth of Population (Sources)
    • Between 1500 and 1800 the population of Europe grew considerably
      • Growth was uneven over period
      • Deciding why population grew is difficult, mainly because of problems with sources
      • In 16th century population recovers from slump that followed Black Death in mid-C14th
      • In early 17th century population growth falters
      • In later C17th growth resumes and continues into C18th
    • The growth of population is uneven across Europe as well as across time
      • Both urban and rural populations expand and decline
      • Migration from countryside to town, between countries, and to places outside Europe does not affect continent as a whole
    • Over period as whole, most growth takes place in north-west Europe
      • England in particular draws away from other countries in later C18th
      • There appears to have been least growth in eastern and central Europe: the Russian and Austrian empires


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