The growth of nrm's and nam's

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  • Growth of sects and cults (NRM's and NAM's)
    • marginalisation
      • Weber
      • There are people who are marginalised, pushed to the edges of society (unemployed, homeless)
      • Theodicy of disprivaledge
        • justification/ explanation for suffering and prmosie for heavenly reward
      • turns deprivation into a test of faith, compensation
    • relative deprivation
      • a subjective sense of being without something
      • economic/status- lower class lack job satisfaction, alternative way of gaining status
      • organismic
        • healing for those with physical/ mental isses
      • psychic deprivation
        • spiritual alternative
    • media saturation
      • mass info. dominated by media
      • religions can advertise
      • DIY cocktail of beliefs
      • madaline bunting
        • spiritual shoppers in spiritual supermarket
    • identity loss
      • traditional forms of identity are fragmented- crisis of meaning
      • need religion in world of hybrid identities
      • Danielle herview lerger- people are pilgrims or converts
        • pilgrims
          • journey of self discovery (cult)
        • converts
          • strong sense of belonging (sect)
    • secularisation
      • traditional religion loosing its influence
      • disenchantment of the world (weber)
      • sects and cults watered down beliefs
      • sects , sense of community (Giddens)
      • cults- spiritual dimension (bruce)
    • social change
      • periods of alientation to norms and values
      • normlessness - durkihiem
      • sects0 firm beliefs, sense of mission
      • cults- spiritual guidance/ fulfilment


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