the growth curve

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  • The growth curve
    • metabolites
      • primary:  substance produced by an organism as part of its normal growth
        • EG amino acids
      • secondary: substances produced by the organism that are not part of its normal growth
        • EG antibiotics
    • Lag Phase
      • adjust to surrounding and conditions.
      • population remains constant
      • specific genes are activated and specific enzymes are synthesised.
    • Log phase
      • the population size doubles, growth is exponential
      • length of the phase depends on how quickly the organism reproduces
      • there is enough nutrients and space.
    • stationary phase
      • nutrient levels decrease and toxic waste and metabolites build up
      • individuals die at the same rate of reproduction.
    • decline/death phase
      • there is a nutrient axhaustion
      • increased toxic levels leads to death rate increasing above reproduction rate
      • in a closed system all individuals will die


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