the great vessels (arteries and veins)

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  • the great vessels
    • the great vessels!
      • superior and inferior vena cave- return blood from the body to right atrium
      • coronary sinus- returns blood from heart wall to right atrium
      • pulmonary trunk (artery)- takes blood (deoxygenated) from right ventricle to lungs
      • pulmonary veins- returns blood (oxygenated) from lungs to left atrium
      • aorta- takes blood from the left ventricle to body
    • walls of blood vessels
      • 3 layers
      • inner layer is endothelium (simple squamous epithelium)
      • middle layer is smooth muscle and elastic fibres
      • outer layer is elastic and collagen fibers
    • arteries and veins
      • elastic arteries are the large arteries
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    • blood
      • 5 litres of it
      • two components: cells (RBCs and WBCs) and plasma
      • RBCs- 45%
      • WBCs- 0.07%
      • platelets for clotting
      • plasma- ~54.3% of blood. ~92% of plasma is water the rest is proteins and other things


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