The Grammar of the two-word stage

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  • The Grammar of the two-word stage
    • 18 months old
    • Grammatically these two words will be in the correct syntactic sequence although full grammatical competence will be missing.
      • Subject and verb sequence: "Daddy Catch" (Daddy catch the ball)
      • Verb and object sequence: "Walk Stairs" (Walk up/down the stairs)
      • Subject and object sequence: "Mummy chair" (Mummy sit on the chair)
      • Subject and complement: "Baby nice" (the baby is nice)
    • Halliday
      • Sees a child as learning language for it's functions.
      • So the child is highly motivated to reach out to the world/ environment to get its needs met/use the functions
    • Halliday's 7 functions
      • 1. Heuristic function (e.g. Ask something)
      • 2. Personal function: express feelings (e.g. show individuality)
      • 3. Interactional function (e.g. to build relationships)
      • 4. Instrumental function (e.g. to persuade people)
      • 5. Imaginative function (e.g. convey ideas/ thoughts)
      • 6. Representational  function (e.g. to tell people something/inform)
      • 7. Regulatory function (e.g. to persuade people)


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