The Global Distribution of Tectonic Hazards

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  • The Global Distribution of Tectonic Hazards
    • Tectonic Hazards
      • Earthquakes
      • Volcanic eruptions
      • Tsunami
    • The Global Distribution of Tectonics Hazards: Earthquakes
      • On the Map
        • 70% of all earthquakes are found in the "Ring of Fire" in the Pacific Ocean
        • Most powerful earthquakes are associated with convergent and conservative
      • Where Do Earthquakes Occur?
        • The oceanic fracture zone
          • Along the mid-ocean ridges
            • Africa
            • The Red Sea
            • The Dead Sea rift
            • California
        • The continental fracture zone
          • Follows the mountain ranges from Spain via the Alps, to the Middle East, the Himalayas to the East Indies and then circumscribing the Pacific
        • Continental interiors
          • Can occur along old faultlines
    • The Global Distribution of Tectonics Hazards: Volcanoes
      • On the Map
        • 500 active volcanoes
          • 50 volcanoes erupt a year
        • The global distribution of active volcanoes
    • Plate Boundary Types and their Distribution
      • Divergent
        • Constructive margins
        • Mid-ocean ridges
        • Shallow focus
        • Low magnitude
        • Mostly under the sea
        • New oceanic crust (thinner and denser) is created
        • Frequent earthquakes
        • Don't trigger tsunamis
      • Convergent
        • Plates move together
        • Plate material melting in the mantle
        • Largest and most damaging earthquakes
        • Subduction zone
      • Conservative
        • Slip, sliding or transform
        • One plate slides against another
        • Do not result in volcanic activity
    • Hotspot Volcanoes
      • Found in the middle of tectonic plates
      • Fed by underlying mantle plumes


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