A Christmas Carol- Characters- The Ghosts

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  • The Ghosts
    • Ghost of the past
      • This ghost's appearance is a strange mixture of child-like and aged
      • A "bright, clear jet of light" shines from its head, this light could symbolise the truth that can be found in memories
      • The ghosts voice is low as if it was distanced this emphasises the spirit's connection to Scrooge's distant past
      • The ghost of Christmas past is forceful, questioning and mysterious
      • Key Quote
        • "No your past!"
    • Ghost of the present
      • This ghost is compassionate and it restores the "good humour" of angry people so that they can enjoy Christmas
      • The ghost is closely associated with abundance and generosity
      • Its scabbard has no sword and it's rusted suggesting Christmas should be a time for peace and no fighting
      • The ghost is jolly, friendly and severe
    • Ghost of yet to come
      • This ghost represents Scrooge's future, its mysterious appearance implies that the future cannot be known for sure.
      • The ghost is silent and intimidating, it points instead of speaking and wont answer Scrooge's questions
      • The ghost is frightening, mysterious and resolute


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