The Ghost Road chpt 9

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  • The Ghost Road Chpt 9
    • 3rd person narrative
    • The train journey to war is poetic and symbolises the idea of France
    • Pg 138 Prior is detached from the soldiers who are comfortable with each other
    • Use of colloquial language - gives a sense of what class most soldiers were
    • Pg 139 “ They were not his, or anybody’s, men, just an anonymous draft that he’d shepherded a stage further to their destination” Destination - foreshadows death. Sheep going to be slaughtered
    • Pg 139 “directing units to their billets” soldiers lodged in civilian homes
    • Pg 140 “The night, the silent guide, the effort of not slipping on broken pavements, sharpened his senses” - Blackouts foreshadows their death - internal darkness
    • Pg 140  “he was startled by the intensity of his joy” Billy’s enjoy’s war, equalises people, he enjoys the atmosphere because of his fears
    • Pg 141 “to a green jungle of garden, sun-baked, humming with insects, the once formal flower-beds transformed into brambly tunnels” Juxtaposes war
    • Pg  143 “created a fragile civilisation, a fellowship on the brink of disaster” foreshadows the end of the novel
    • Pg 143 “Owen was playing with the fallen petals of roses he’d picked that afternoon. Pink, yellow, white roses, but no red roses” Delicate for war - Youth, broken petals metaphor for broken soldiers, the flowers juxtapose war with their colours
    • “We are fighting” repetition emphasis this unity reflected by propaganda
    • Pg 145 “the house bleeding quietly from its unstaunchable wound”  personifies the house
    • Pg 146 “The war, fought and refought over strips of muddy earth, paradoxically gave them the freedom of animals to pass from territory to territory unobserved” Animalistic freedom, soldiers are animals
    • Pg 147 “a clock begun to tick” theme of time, metaphor for life running out
    • Pg 148 “That could be me, in a few days or weeks” Prior is waiting for an injury or death
    • Pg 149 “Owen started to laugh, and I joined in, and neither of us could stop” Links to mental health, laughter is rare in war


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