The Ghost Road Chpt 17

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  • The Ghost Road Chpt 17
    • Pg 240 Casual syntax sentence structure, dark imagery reflects Owen’s poems
    • Pg 240 “A huge crow flew over us, flapping and croaking mournfully, One for sorrow” Usually magpies, metaphor for death
    • Pg 241 last paragraph theme of ghosts
    • Pg 241 “It’s something to do with the children whom the Pied Piper led into the mountain” Intertextuality,metaphor for death taking soldiers
    • Pg 242 “Children do go into the mountain and not come back. We’ve all been home on leave and found home so foreign that we couldn’t fit in” War changes identities beyond who they used to be, metaphor for young men going to war coming back older, or not coming back
    • Pg 243 “Women. Children. Dogs. Cats.” Short sentence structure emphasises the ordinary
    • Page 244 “Five civilians killed. When did we stop thinking of civilians as human” Rhetorical question makes reader think about response to war
    • Pg 244 “The respectable young ladies of the village are very respectable young ladies indeed, despite having spent fours years in the clutches of the brutal and lascivious Hun” Billy’s sexual desires, irony as he tries to do this but not interested in the enemies
    • Pg 245 “great gaping wounds - were made by our guns” Questions morality of war
    • Pg 247 “Nothing particularly attractive about him - dead white, splodgy freckles, curious flat golden brown eyes - not that it bothered me. After two months without sex I’d have settled for the pigs” Irony, juxtaposition
    • Pg 248 “Oh ye millions I embrace you This kiss is for the whole world” Beethovens 9th Sympathy, irony spoken in Germany very religious unlike Billy
    • Pg 250 “feeling like rats or mice” Simile for safety its best being underground, Owen talks about rats in his poem
    • Pg 252 “you can afford to be when you’re so covered in wound stripes and medals it’s starting to look like an eccentric form of camouflage” Marxist reading Billy can say what he wants as an officers
    • Pg 254 Billy’s last letter to Rivers-Epistolary form
    • Pg 256 The puppy symbolises innocence, Billy killing it foreshadows his death
    • Pg 257 the structure on that page builds sympathy
    • Pg 258 last paragraph shows there could of been away to finish war, shows how Billy wanted to feel part of something, irony for many soldiers escapism is going home, opposite for Billy


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