The Ghost Road chapter 6

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  • The Ghost Road chapter 6
    • The description of Kath shows her as childish and innocent page 86
      • She hasn't developed in a women mentally
      • She's trapped because she's a women and because she's ill
        • Hints to her being mentally ill
    • 'Ramsgate had been bombed heavily, a great many civilians mainly women and children, killed.' Page 87
      • Civilians struggling
        • Ignored
      • Rivers narrative sidelined
    • 'Even in faded sepia it was possible to tell what an exceptionally beautiful child she'd been' Page 89
      • Past tense, she is no longer beautiful
        • Wasted life
    • 'the black wings spread, and the insect sailed out, a dark speck on the blue air' Page 91
      • Metaphor for Kath
      • Barker suggests Dodgeson wanted Kath
    • 'He never stammered much when he was talking to girls' Page 90
      • Barker suggests Dodgson felt comfortable round girls
        • Problematic portrayal
    • Marriage was Kath's only way out but she never got married Page 92
      • Feminism
    • 'Small children are not like adults, he insisted. What terrifies them may seem trivial to us' Page 96
      • Applies to soldiers as well
    • Page 98 shows how River's and Prior have a father son bond
    • Page 100 shows how the homosexual society was mainly made up of the upperclass
    • Page 102 'No the battle was mad. The football was sane'
      • In war football is seen as insane whilst battle is sane
    • Page 104 of Abraham and his son
      • Reflect Rivers and Prior
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