The Ghost Road Chapter 4

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  • The Ghost Road chapter 4
    • "This was pure hysteria, uncontaminated by malingering" Page 48
      • Moffet doesn't want to be associated with feminine terms
      • He'd much rather say he has shellshock even though he hasn't witnessed actual combat
      • Moffet feels so emasculated he tries to commit suicide. Page 58
    • "It's just this reminds me of seventeenth-century which-finders, you know? They used to stick pins in people too" Page 48
      • Theme of ceremonies/ rituals
    • Page 49 shows how Barker had tried to fictionalise a real person
      • Or she's trying to show that Rivers is not a modern man of the time
    • Nijiru and River's rounds as doctors juxtapose each other. Page 49
      • Nijiru's rounds are much more disorganised
      • Rivers rounds are organised
      • Show's the difference in cultures
    • River's description of school on page 50 is a metaphor for the social expectations of the time
    • Page 51 shows how Nijiru treats patients
      • Juxtaposes River's treatment of Moffet
    • Page 33 shows ceremonial rituals in hospitals
    • Page 54 Telford feels emasculated
      • Shellshock
      • Irony: Going to war makes you more masculine, come out of war emasculated
        • Propaganda
    • Page 60 shows victorian decorum
    • "Will you have to tell the police" Page 61
      • Context: Suicide illegal
        • Old Christian ideas
          • Suicide is a sin
    • Page 62 Shows Sister Robert's dislike of the upper class who were needed to be nurses even though they weren't trained


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