The ghost of Christmas Yet to come

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  • The ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
    • shows Scrooge the dark future he will face
      • 'He's frightened everyone away from him when he was alive, to profit us when he was dead'
        • verb
          • shows how unwelcoming Scrooge was
        • collective noun
          • expresses how disconnected Scrooge is from the rest of society
        • juxtaposition of alive and dead
          • The women is frustrated at the lack of help he provided when he was alive and now he is dead she believes that she can help them more
        • verb- profit
          • they believe that his material wealth should be theirs for out living him
          • amplifies his legacy as meaningless as they see his belongings as a compensation for how terrifying he was in life
      • 'Bob told them of the extraordinary kindness of Scrooges nephew'
        • intensifiers
          • shows the amount of gratitude he has for Fred's help
        • adjective
          • opposite of Scrooge- Bob is commenting on Fred even though he only met him briefly. Shows the lasting effect of being kind
        • mirrors when talking about Scrooge
          • he chooses to praise what is good rather than commenting on negatives
      • 'I will honour Christmas in my heart and try to honour it all year round'
        • abstract noun
          • shows how he has respect for everything he has learnt
        • emotive reaction
          • shows how his heart has 'melted' and his emotive response to it
        • verb-try
          • shows his anticipation and his humbling sentiment
        • exaggeration
          • shows that all of that Christmas spirit (kindness and generosity) should be kept all year round
    • Scrooges and the audiences reaction to the ghost
      • the ghost gives Scrooge the final decisive push towards his character transformation- Dickens wants to show the reder that it has a terminal message for Scrooge which contrasts with the friendliness of the previous ghosts
        • 'gloom' 'mystery' 'shrouded'
          • semantic field of unknown
            • these lexical choices combine to unsettle and disorientate Scrooge in order to make him acknowledge and be aware of the spirit and be susceptible to transformation.
        • the spirts appearance induces a 'solemn dread' in Scrooges mind.
          • adjective
            • shows the seriousness Scrooge will take the spirts impending message with
          • noun
            • shows his deep anxiety at what he is about to be shown
              • the supernateral miracle of Scrooges transformation acts as an allegory for highlighting Dickens belief in the importance of Christian values of mercy and charity at a tie when society is becoming devided


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