The GDR - UNIT 4

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    • The economy
      • Positives
        • Use of tractors and combine Harvesters compared to horse drawn ploughs in Poland
        • Largely self sufficent
        • Technological developments
        • Highest standards of living in the GDR
        • Trade increased in COMECON
      • Negatives
        • Relied on loans from the FRG - 38.5 million DM in debt by 1987
        • Imports rose by 34% whilst exports rose by 17% (1972-1975)
        • Spending on welfare amounted to twice the national income (1971 and 1979)
      • Political Stagnation
        • Wanted to give the GDR its own National identity
        • 'No Taboos'
    • A Niche Society?
      • The Stasi
        • 'Shield and sword of the party'
        • 180,000 full time staff  - 20% of the population were collabarators.
        • Tapped telephones and all subversive activity was reported
        • Wolf Biermann- Exiled - 1976
      • Shortages, inequalities and other
        • 12 year waiting list for a Trabant
        • The elite accessed goods and Holidays which were exclusive to them.
        • The planned economy lead to the distribution of goods to be uneven and inefficent
        • Intershops were created in the GDR who sold western goods by 1980 there were over 400
      • Women
        • By the late 1980's over 90% of woman were in low skilled paid employment
        • 1972 - Higher maternity pay and pre-school child care
      • Housing  - Rent was 5% of income compared to 30% in the GDR
      • Government announced an ambitious housing programme 4 million new homes - by 1988 there was around 2 million.
      • The Church
        • New agreement in 1978 - The Church recognised  its need to work in the socialist society and in return its role in the state was increased
        • As part of the 1978 march agreements open discussion of political issues could take place within the Church


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