The Galapagos

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  • The Galapagos
    • Charles Darwin
      • Visit provided a stimulus for the theory of natural selection
    • Islands
      • Isolated
      • Small population size
      • Tropical archipelagos
      • High numbers of native species
        • Darwin's finches
        • Giant tortoise
        • Land iguana
      • World Heritage Site
    • Habitat disturbance
      • Increase in population
        • Decrease in recourses
        • More waste and pollution
        • Demand for oil
      • Causes eradication of plants and animals
        • Example: Scales trees and shrubs
    • Introduced species
      • Species brought to the island by boat
      • Goats
        • Eats Galapagos rock purslane
        • Out competes the giant tortoise
        • Tramples nesting sites
      • Cats
        • Hunt offspring of native reptiles
      • Red quinine tree
        • Aggressive and spreads rapidly
        • Out competes native species
      • Erradication
        • Quarantine system for boats
        • Natural predators have been exploited
        • Culling against feral goats


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