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  • The Furthest Distances I've Travelled
    • Culture
      • "...a Greyhound from Madison to Milwaukee..."
      • "Siberian white/cells of scattered airports"
      • "...scare stories about Larium/- the threats of delirium-"
      • specific cultural references in the poem
        • gives the reader the ability to picture the distance travelled
    • Identity
      • "the furthest distances I've travelled/have been those between people.."
      • "I know these are my souvenirs"
      • these experiences shape the narrator
        • The inner monologue of the narrator gives us insight into this
      • I thought: Yes. This is how/to live."
    • Time
      • "When I first saddled a rucksack..."
      • "...during routine evictions, I discover..."
      • shift between past and present tense
        • creates a sense of  distance between the young traveller and the older, emotionally mature narrator
    • FORM
      • Irregular stanza + line length
        • "routine evictions" ; the narrator is used to not being somewhere long
        • Mix of long and single word lines creates image of ups and downs in the form of the poem
      • Full + half rhymes, inconsistent metre
        • Adds an ebb-and-flow rhythm to the poem
      • "airports"
      • "holidaying"
      • "Meridian"
      • "sherpa pass"


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