King Luis

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  • The French Revolution
    • Luis spent a lot of Frances money on Parties.
    • The System of how you were treated was very unfair.
    • Only the higher classes could have the right to vote.
    • Even rich borgueoisie (merchants didn't have the right to vote.
    • The Monarch was at the top and the clergy  were the only ones who were allowed to vote.
    • The peasants revolted because they were so mistreated.
    • The Queen made a famous quote of "Let them eat cake".
    • The Bastille was invaded and prisoners were let out.
    • The king was very young at this time.
    • The whole of France hated him accept the Clergy.
    • A great fear struck over France at that time.
    • Luis was executed on 21 January 1793.
    • France became worse when Louis died.
    • Lots more people were killed by the guillotine.
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