The French Pronoun "En"

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  • The French Pronoun "En"
    • En replaces De + Noun
      • En can be used to replace objects introduced by de
      • For example, en can replace a partitive article + noun
      • "Avez-vous de l'argent ?" - Do you have some money?
        • "Oui, j'en ai." - Yes, I have some.
    • En may replace nouns or pronouns in verb constructions that use "de"
      • For example, "parler de" (to talk about)
    • Nous in adverbs of quality can be replaced by en
      • "Achetez-vous beaucoup de livres ?" - Are you buying a lot of books?
        • "Oui, j'en achète beaucoup." - Yes, I am buying a lot [of them]
      • En always precedes the noun, but adverbs stay in place after the verb
    • En always appears between the subject and the verb


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