Free will defence

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  • The free will defence- Irenaeus vs Augustine
    • General summary
      • God has to allow suffering to exist in the world as a logical consequence of giving us free will to make our own moral and spiritual decisions
      • If we have true free will there has to be a possibility of humans choosing to do bad things
      • We have to suffer the consequences of us choosing to do bad things
    • Similarities
      • God exists
      • God is perfect and omnibenevolent
      • Free will is misused- causes moral evil
      • Evil is essential- created things are susceptible to change- we need evil so that we can choose the right thing to do and develop
      • Humanity is perfect
      • Both use the Bible- Genesis 1 and the creation story - v26 made in God's likeness
    • Differences
      • Augustine says natural evil is punishment for original sin whereas Irenaeus says it's for development to grow closer to and become like God
      • Augustine says God is blameless from evil whereas Irenaeus says God is partly to blame and must take responsibility for evil


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