Factors effecting formulation of social policies

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  • Factors effecting formulation of social policies
    • Influences of social policies
      • Public Opinions
      • Social unrest/uprising
      • Shifts in values
      • Particular events and situations
    • Power groups
      • They stop new laws being implemented;for example big alcohol companies show they product as a positive
    • Popularity
      • the desire for governments to remain popular and get re-elected
    • Financial constraints
      • economic problems and resource can effect whether the government can afford to implement policy
    • Status of groups
      • The status of groups will benefit them when trying to get new policies heard
        • Those who are disabled don't have much power so are less likely to be listen to
    • Religious Views
      • Religious organisations and other groups set frameworks for policies
        • E.g. beliefs on abortions
    • Agenda setting
      • Agenda setting with the media brings attention to particular issues and views e.g anti-social behaviour
    • Public opinions
      • People perceptions on what's reasonable and a good thing shape policies
      • General values and what people think of current policies have effect
    • Sociology
      • Sociological and other research
    • Professional opinions
      • Opinions of professionals working in the fields where policies will be made will have effect
        • Headteachers and teachers will have a say on educational policies
    • Willingness
      • Powerful policy-makers and groups who take in account the needs of those less powerful or excluded
    • Polictial parties
      • Policies and visions of different parties will have effect on the policies made
        • Different views on prostitiution, drug use and pensions etc


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