The First Battle of St ALbans 22nd May 1455

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  • The First Battle of St Albans
    • Took place on the 22nd May 1455
    • Triggered by the Yorkists' dismissal
    • York was summoned to attend the King's Council
      • However, he marched south with his army of several 1000 men, as he expected a trap
    • Henry VI's men occupied St Albans
    • Both sides failed to negotiate with eachother
    • Both sides charged for eachother: Yorkist's smashed into Lancastrian line
    • Some Nobles were killed or injured (Buckingham was killed)
      • 300 died
    • Somerset was killed by Warwick.
    • This was a victory for York as he captured VI
      • This returned York to complete power, as his rival Somerset, the Earl of Northumberland and lord Clifford were dead.


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