Poetry- The Farmer's Bride

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  • The Farmer's Bride
    • Structure
      • Starts "three summers ago" until "Christmas time"
        • this shows the fact that time is passing by with them still unconnected
      • Regular Rhyme Scheme
        • This could suggest the fact that things in their marriage have always been this way and will continue to remain this way.
    • Simile "Like the shut of a winters day"
      • This suggests a dark and depressing atmosphere, and suggests how closed off his wife
      • There is often frost in winter which would reinforce the idea that the husband has to try hard to open his new wife up but she avoids him.
    • Colloquial language
      • This reinforces the fact that he is a farmer and that he lives in this environment.
    • "Flying like a hare"
      • Makes it sound as though she is being hunted by the farmer and others, this makes us imagine her as fearful and vunerable
        • This reinforces the fact that she is young and suggests that the farmer could be taking advantage of her because of this.


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