the eye

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  • the eye
    • sense organ containing receptors sensitive to light intensity and colour
    • retina
      • light sensitive cell layer
    • optic nerve
      • carries impulse to the brain
    • sclera
      • protects the eye
    • cornea
      • transparent layer that covers the pupil and iris
    • iris
      • pigmented layer
      • controls size of pupil
    • ciliary muscles
      • controls thickness of the lens
      • accommodatio-n is the process of changing the shape of the lens to focus
        • to see near objects:
          • suspensory ligaments loosen
          • lens gets thicker
          • light is more refracted
          • ciliary muscles contract
        • to see far objects:
          • ciliary muscles relax
          • suspensory ligaments pulled tight
          • lens pulled thin
          • light is slightly refracted
    • suspensory ligaments
      • connects lens to ciliary muscles


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