B1 The Eye

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  • The Eye
    • Parts of Eye
      • Cornea: Refracts light
      • IIris: controls how much light enters pupil
      • Lens: Focuses on Retina
      • Retina: Coverd in rods and cones, which detect light
        • Rods: Sensitive to dim light, can't see colour
        • Cones:: Sensative to colours, not good in dim light
      • Optic nerve: Carries impulses to brain
    • Focusing
      • Distant objects: Ciliary muscles relax, allows suspensory ligaments to pull tighter
        • This pulls lens into less rounded shape, so less light is refracted
      • Close Objects: Ciliary muscle contracts, slackens suspensory ligaments
        • Lens becomes more rounded, light is refracted more
    • Long Sightedness + Short Sightedness
      • Long sighted: Occurs when lens is wrong shape, therefore does not bend light enough
        • Glasses or contact lenses with a convex lens can be used to correct this
      • Short sighted: Lens bends too much light
        • Can use glasses or contact lenses with concave lens to correct this


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