Feminism and Education

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  • Feminism and Education
    • Gendered language
      • Textbooks tend to use gendered language e.g. man and men in reference to people
      • Downgrades women and makes them invisible
    • Gendered roles
      • Reading schemes present males and females into traditional roles e.g. women as mothers
      • Textbooks should rwpresent opposite gender roles
    • Further and higher education
      • Traditionally there was a lower number in the number of girls in higher and further education
      • Teachers gave more encouragement than girls
    • Gender stereotypes
      • Reading schemes tend to represent traditional stereotypes
      • Analysis of 6 reading schemes from 1960s and 1970s
        • Boys = adventurous, stronger and more choices
        • Girls = more caring, interested in domestic matters abd followers instead of leaders
    • Discrimination
      • 11+ had lower pass mark for boys to ensure equal numbers in grammar schools
      • Girls 'failed' artificially to allow boys to succeed
    • Evaluation
      • A lot of sexism has disappeared
      • Attitudes have changed but not behaviour
      • Women have overtake men and women's grades are higher and are going into higher education
      • Makes equality changes seem easy
      • Boys now underachieve


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