Explorers or boys messing about?

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  • Explorers or boys messing about?
      • "Their last expedition ended in farce"
        • immediately the two men are introduced as a comical mess and we think of them as ridiculous characters
      • "Yesterday a new adventure.."
        • use of word "adventure" describes the men as childish and makes fun of them- hints of sarcasm
      • "...tragedy when their helicopter plunged..."
        • -use powerful language,"tragedy" and plunged express drama and emphasise how badly it could have ended
      • "The men were plucked"
        • use of the verb "plucked" makes the men sound small and less heroic - mocking them
      • "Royal Navy, the RAF and British coastguards"
        • list of important authorities to imply that the men are not as important and had to be saved
      • "Experts questioned the wisdom.."
        • use of the word "experts" makes the men look stupid - implying that they are amateurs
        • hint of sarcasm in the use of the word "wisdom" implying that the men have none
      • "'trusty helicopter'"
        • use of quotation marks is very sarcastic
        • implies that the writer believes that it was definitely not a very reliable helicopter
      • "boys messing about with a helicopter"
        • use of the word "boys" shows them to be very immature
        • the phrase "messing about" implies that they were just playing and had no idea what they were doing
      • "Mr Brooks, 42 and 40 year old Mr Smith"
        • up until now it seemed as if they were only 18 from the way they had been described
        • makes them look even more ridiculous, for the reader to find out their real age now
      • "bottoms kicked and be sent home"
        • ends the article describing the two men as naughty children
        • making fun of them


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