The teleological argument

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  • The existence of God: The teleological argument
    • St Thomas Aquinas
      • The fifth way
        • Aquinas' Fifth way in relation to the Teleological Argument; Explain Aquinas' fifth way; Aquinas' fifth way is based upon the notion that as there is visible design and order within the universe, then the logical conclusion is that this observable 'design' must have been the result of a creator.
    • William Paley
      • Design qua regularity: the universe behaves according to some order
      • Design qua purpose: the universe was designed to fulfill a purpose
    • The anthropic principle
      • John Polkingholme: supports the anthropic principle and suggests it is the only resonable explanation for csrbon based life forms to hsve intelligence
        • FR Tennant:  The anthropic principle- The Aesthetic argument
          • Richard Swinburne: simplest conclusion is to say it was the result of a deliberate decision of a designer
    • The historical background to the teleological argument
      • Plato: believed the universe was pre-existent. A being who had the power to shape worlds- called demi-urge- does not create ex-nihilo, this venture was in vain.
        • Aristotle: he believed in a divine intelligence. There was a first unmoved mover and that was God.
    • Fr Tennant: The Aesthetic argument-  beauty is a gift from a benevolent God
    • David Hume: 7 criticisms: analogies- we know how a house is built but that does not mean we know how the universe started. experience: human analogies are based on human experience. how can we sure sure that analogy's are sound. organic universe: you cannot compare the universe to something artificial. apparent design: it is a fallacy to assume the universe was designed for a reason
    • Kant: Restricted experience- humans have limited knowledge. Any statements made on the universe's origins hold no validity
    • Mill: The designer can either not care about his creation or he does not exist because an all loving God would not create evil.
    • Darwin: Random chance- The universe happened by pure chance and atoms there was no need for a God.


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