The Estates General

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  • The Estates General
    • The Cahiers de Dolances
      • King ordered people to write everything they wanted discussed and voted on at the Estates General
      • The First Estate
        • End to Bishops having more then one diocese
        • Those who aren't nobles given the ability to become a bishop
        • They were to pay taxes and give up their privileges
      • The Second Estate
        • 89% were willing to pay taxes
        • 39% supported voting by head
        • Attacked the government for despotism and inefficiency
      • The Third Estate
        • Against royal power
        • Wanted basically British parliament
    • Absolut Monarchy
      • "These were terrifying, puzzling, exciting, frequently uncertain and anxious times for the people of France
      • Louis XVI swore an oath to God instead of people
      • Had the Lettre de Cachet
        • This led to people rescuring those in the Bastille during the Storming of the Bastille in 1790
      • The people of France wanted more power, resulted in Constitution
    • Financial State of France
      • In 1763 France was 50 million livres in debt
      • Turgot
        • Attempted to introduce the free grain tax
        • Attempted to introduce the single land tax
        • He failed due to bad harvests and parlement believed he was too radical
      • Necker
        • Many liked him
        • He portrayed France as 10 million livres surplus
        • Since he was protestant, he couldn't have the title of finance minister, he resigned in 1781
        • Published the Compte Rendu which made the King unable to get more loans after he left
      • Calonne
        • Many didn't like him
        • People wanted an estates general but he refused
        • Had an Assembly of Notables
        • Calonne took a hissy fit and told everyone they were in debt
    • The Revolt of the Notables
      • Led by the Second Estate
      • Main reason was the refusal to accept the May Edicts
      • The Day of the Tiles 7th June 1788
      • Necker was recalled
      • The Estates General was decided to be held in May 1789


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