The Enlightenment: Benjie Franklin

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  • The Enlightenment:Benjamin Franklin
    • He was an extremely significant figure in British America in the period 1742-64.Put into practice the philosophy and ideas of the enlightenment, linking it with scientific ideas.
    • His History
      • Born in Massachusetts in 1706 but spent most of his time in Pennsylvania
      • He worked as a printer until he became wealthy enough to retire in 1748
      • Hugely influential as a writer, intellectual and philanthropist
      • 1738, became the clerk of Pennsylvania  assembly and was selected as member of the assembly from 1751 to 1764
      • Was the colonial representative for Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Jersey and Massachusetts from 1757-74 but failed in his attempts in negotiating with British Governmnent
    • As a writer
      • He wrote thousands of essays,stories and pamphlets, proverbs and poems to communicate his ideas
        • Became Editor of the Pennsylvania Gazette in 1729. Also wrote regularly for the paper and largely due to his writing it became the most widely read newspaper in the country
        • Wrote many editions of Poor Richard's almanac, a book full of useful. practical information as well alongside  poems and proverbs
    • As an Intellectual
      • He was a scientist, whose theories and experiments led to him inventing things like:
        • The lightning rod
        • Bifocal glasses
      • He wrote and published his scientific ideas and theories, inspiring others to become scientists
      • He founded the American Philosophical Society in 1743, which helped people communicate their theories through letters and meetings across British America
        • He wrote and published his scientific ideas and theories, inspiring others to become scientists
    • As a philanthropist
      • Helping the community in Philadelphia: In 1736 he set up the Union Fire Company to provide fire insurance and help with preventing fires. He also helped with schemes to improve street paving, lighting and cleaning
      • Improving education and spreading new ideas: Set up the first subscription library in 1731
      • Set up the university of Pennsylvania by raising donations and helped create a curriculum that included a broad range of subjects
      • Helping those in need: founded Pennsylvania City Hospital to those who could not afford the medical expenses
      • Set up the associates of Dr Bray in 1760 to try to improve education for black people


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