End of Life

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  • The End of Life
    • Heaven and Hell
      • Teaches that SOUL lives on (immorality) and the body is resurrected for Judgment Day
      • Judgment day
        • Belief that after death, God will judge whether you should go to heaven or hell
      • Heaven described as a place of beauty and serenity, spending eternity with God
        • Mainly can only go to heaven if you believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ and lead a good life-joining in the COMMUNION OF SAINTS
      • Hell is described as a place of torment and pain, the final destination for non-believers and those led bad lives
      • Some don't believe they're real places and instead are STATES OF MIND
        • Fear of these places though makes people want to live good lives
      • Some believe in ANNIHILATION where God leaves those out who are not deemed worthy even for judgment
      • Roman Catholics believe in PURGATORY where the sins are punished before going to heaven
        • Protestants don't believe in this because it is not present in the Bible
      • Jesus died for our sins
        • When he died, many Christians believe that he broke the power of sin and death, and if you live by his followings, then you too will 'never die'
        • "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die" John 11:25-26
    • Funerals
      • Way to say goodbye
        • Different ways to say goodbye to dead like burying, cremation etc.
        • Mourning is another way to say goodbye-is a deep sorrow for someone who has passed
          • A way to mourn their loved one to move on with their lives
      • Coffin is carried through church while verse from p17 of John 11 is read out and prayers are said
        • It doesn't matter if body is buried or burned as it's believed the resurrection gives you a new 'spiritual body'
      • Roman Catholics believe in completing the REQUIEM MASS where people pray for the soul of the person
  • Non-religious believers believe that things just end, but others may believe that your soul lives on
    • Others may believe that you will be judged on your life and your soul


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