Enabling Act

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  • The Enabling Act
    • How did this build up Hitlers power?
      • Was proposed after the March Elections.
      • Allowed Hitler to rule single-handedly without the need for Parliament
      • Although it was temporary, it allowed Hitler to pass any law he wanted.
    • Why was it passed so easily?
      • Carrot - The Catholic Centre Party agreed to support Hitler, following his promise to respect the Catholic Church. Limiting Provisions meant that the act was only supposed to be temporary, although nothing could stop Hitler extending it.
      • Stick - Communists and Socialists were refused entry during the debate. Intimidation was used when the Kroll Opera House was lined with members of the SA and the ** shouting "WE WANT THE BILL OR ELSE FIRE ADN MURDER"
    • The only thing stopping Hitler from becoming President is Hindenburg
    • March 23rd 1933


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