The emergence and growth of radicalism

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  • The Emergence and Growth of Radicalism
    • Radical idea about parliament
      • Regular parliaments with fixed terms
      • Remove many current MPs because of corruption (e.g. trying to disband army with minimal pay)
      • Very radical for the time: was removing the crowns powers to call/dissolve parliaments
    • Radical ideas about Religion
      • Dissenters had been growing in power since Elizabeth I
        • wanted complete religious tolerance
          • no rule of bishops
          • no enforcement on the Book of Common Prayer
          • no acceptance of presbytarism
      • freedom in worship lead to other political demands for freedom
    • Reaction to the Radicals
      • conservatives were alarmed by the threat of "anarchy"
      • they saw the radicals as a threat to the property and security of the governing classes
      • Really, there were very few radicals, but they were very vocal
    • Radical Documents
      • The repesentation , July 1647
        • army
        • a new parliament and Church reforms
      • The Heads of Proposals, August 1647
        • Army officers
        • king restored with limited control, and less radical reforms
      • The Case of the Army Truly Stated, Oct 1647
        • ordinary soldiers with extreme demands
      • The Agreement of the People, Oct 1647
        • a more moderate proposal by ordinary soldiers


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