Matters of life and death

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  • The effect of belief in the afterlife  on Christians lives
    • The effect on Christians lives
      • 'In heaven it will offer comfort for our loved ones who have died '
      • 'We should live a good life and treat others the way that you may want to be treated'
      • 'We can cope with suffering when we know heaven awaits us'
    • How might Christians respond in their lives?
      • Confessions
        • Repent for their sins
      • Prayer
        • Praying more regularly and communicate more frequently with God
      • Doing good work
        • Because they know God is watching them, they will try to live ire how he wants them to by helping others
      • Putting Christians teachings  into action
        • They will follow gods commandments  and the example of Jesus 'treating others as they would like to be treated'
      • Vocation
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