The problems and benefits of the Eden project

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  • The Eden Project.
    • Problems.
      • Economic
        • Jobs are very low wages due to seasonality.
        • Increased difficulty of full time recruitment of 7%
      • Social
        • Clashes between the tourists and locals.
        • Jobs are only short term due to the seasonality of tourism.
        • Traffic has increased yearly by 13%.
      • Environmental
        • Pollution has increased due to congestion.
        • Litter in the area has increased.
    • Benefits.
      • Social
        • Designed by Tim Smit to create an educational tourism attraction.
        • It employs 700 people and gives 3000 jobs in the local area that are involved in tourism.
          • An educational centre is set to educate future generations about sustainability.
        • Its benefits are not only felt in the Cornish area it uses 2500 local suppliers and south west of England provides 87% of those catering goods.
      • Economic
        • Brings 1,400,000 visitors in 2004.
        • 12.8 million visitors since open.
        • From 2001 to 2009 it has brought £1,000,000,000 to the Cornish economy.
      • Environmental
        • It redeveloped Brownfield site from old china clay mines/quarry.
        • Infrastructure to the area has improved.
          • 20% of all transport to the Eden project is public.


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