The Economic, Social and Political State of England in 1154

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  • The Political, Social and Economic Condition of England in 1154
    • Social
      • England was mostly rural but there were some market towns
      • The number of manorial demesnes were slowly shrinking. They were being replaced by a growing number of rent-paying tenures (landholdings)
      • Urban areas were growing in size and significance, there was growing pressure for them to self-govern through charters and local  administration
      • The Church in England had started to follow the path of the Church in Europe
    • Political
      • There was a manorial system in place in England
      • Peasants provided labour service to work on their Lord's demesne
    • Economic
      • Urban wealth was primarily based on trade.
      • The wool trade was the most important for England's economy
        • As well as wool, sheep provided wool, parchment and milk and cheese to trade
        • Manure from the sheep was also used for fertilising crops
      • The position of the Gulf Stream provided the perfect climate to grow grains
        • It was wet enough for growing crops but dry enough for making hay.


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