The East India Trade Company

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  • The East India Trade Company
    • The East India Company (EIC) was started by Queen Elizabeth I in 1600. It traded many spices (especially peppercorn) and silk.
      • It was a wealthy and powerful company that turned Britain into a global super power. it had its own army of 200000 men and ended up controlling all of India.
    • Charles owned the port of Bombay through Princess Catherine's dowry when they married.
      • The EIC controlled the port by renting it from Charles for 10 pounds of gold a year.
    • Why was the EIC so important?
      • They had 5 ports in India, giving it control of the spice market.
      • Played a key role in the growth of the empire over the following centuries
      • It had redrawn the map of India, reinvented fashion and changed the food of Britain.
      • It was one of Britain's most successful companies.


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