The digestive system

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  • The digestive system
    • Bile
      • Stored in the gall bladder
      • Produced in liver
      • Neutralises acids
    • Mouth
      • Produces saliva
      • Breaks starch down into glucose
    • Stomach
      • Ph1
      • Contains gastric juices and hydrochloric acid to kill bacteria
    • Anus
      • Expels stool
    • Liver
      • Produces bile
      • De toxifies blood
    • Assimilation
      • The delivery of soluble food monomers to the cells throughout the body for metabolic reactions
    • Absorption
      • Small soluble food monomers cross the small intestine wall at the ileum into the blood stream
    • Egestion
      • Untitled
    • Digestion
      • The breakdown of large insoluble food polymers into small soluble food monomers
    • Ingestion
      • The intake of food into the mouth
    • Pancreas
      • Release awnzymes and add some them to the duodenum via the bile duct
    • Small intestine
      • produces enzymes
      • Where nutrients are absorbed into the body
    • Large intestine
      • Where excess water is remove de from food


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