The difference between elections and referendums

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  • The difference between elections and referendums
    • Who are you voting for?
      • Elections: For a party or candidate
      • Referendums: For or against an issue
    • What is the choice?
      • Elections: Based on a no. of issues.
      • Referendums: Based on 1 issue
    • What form of democracy is it?
      • Elections: REPRESENTATIVE democracy.
      • Referendums: DIRECT democracy.
      • Elections: MANDATORY
      • Referendums: Both MANDATORY & ADVISORY
    • What does it decide?
      • Election: Decides WHO holds power.
      • Referendums: Influences those ALREADY in POWER.
    • What do they do?
      • Election: FILLS office and FORMS Govt.
      • Referendums: INFLUENCES those in power.


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