The Development Gap

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  • The development gap
    • Demographic Transition Model
      • Stage 1: Traditional rainforest tribes in Brazil and Malaysia
      • Stage 2: Afghanistan is one of poorest with 80% farmers
      • Stage 3: Nigeria is an NEE with a growing pop.
      • Stage 4: USA one most developed with low BR
      • Stage 5: Germany has seen pop. decrease as DR > BR
    • Uneven Development
      • Copper is 60% of Zambia's exports but fluctuating price limits development
      • Malaria kills 1/2Mn in 2013 80% were African children but wealthier countries have vaccines
      • Since 2011 4Mn fled to jordan to cross to Greece then Germany with 2015 Asylum process
      • EU Tariff 7.7% tariff cocoa powder 15% chocolate but none on raw beans
    • Reducing the gap
      • >2000 chinese companies invested in Africa $200 Mn spent on African Union HQ
      • Goat Aid from Oxfam provides food, milk, manure and income
      • Small dam in Adis Nifas with local materials and a fruit tree each with elephant grass to prevent erocison
      • Most Pakistan's aid is from UK where 66 Mn in poverty
      • 90% small farmers in Eastern Uganda in Gumutindo Coffee Corp.
        • Semi-processed beans worth more = more income
        • Saving with economy of size and Fairtrade Premium
      • Grameen Bank in Bangladesh loan village women $200 to buy mobile phone
        • Earn money buy loaning phone and check market prices to get betterprice


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