ICT - The Desktop Environment

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  • The Desktop and Environment
    • Desktop
      • -A desktop is an example of a Graphical User Interface (GUI).
        • A desktop environment (DTE) contains icons, windows, toolbars and folders.
        • An example of a GUI is Microsoft Windows.
      • -These can be customised with Icon size, window size, mouse settings, the screen resolution and desktop fonts.
    • Files & Folders
      • -Saved data is known as a file which may contain text, numbers, image, video or sound. Files can be moved to a folder where a representation can be moved around on the desktop. Files can be copied, deleted and renamed.
    • On-screen Help
      • -This is usually built in to the application you are using. Help is often accessed by pressing a shortcut key. This can also be on the menu bar or done through using keywords in a search bar.
    • Control Panel
      • -This is a collection of all the useful programs that can be used to change the environment of your computer to suit you.
    • Print Settings
      • Options may include: which pages to print, the number of copies and which printer to use.
    • Password Protection
    • Shortcuts
      • -These allow a complex series of actions to be carried out by doing a mouse click, pressing a key or series of keys. There are many shortcuts.
        • Shortcuts:
          • Actions:
          • Double click an icon.
            • Opens an application or folder
              • Actions:
            • F1
              • Search box opens
                • Opens an application or folder
                • Control + Escape
                  • Start menu
                    • Search box opens
                    • Right click
                      • Pop-up menu appears
                        • Start menu
                        • Control + B
                          • Highlighted text becomes bold.
                            • Pop-up menu appears


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