Factors contributing to the defeat of the unionists

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  • The defeat of the unionists
    • People saw them as a party of imperialism
      • Imperialism - "a policy of extending a country's power and influence through colonization, use of military force, or other means."
      • Following the Boer War scandal and their involvement in concentration camps
    • They were divided over economic policies
      • Some wanted to continue with free trade
      • Many began to support tarrif reforms
        • Meant taxing food imports which would increase food prices
    • Education Act 1902
      • More nonconformists supported the liberals because of this
        • Nonconformists were protestants that didn't follow the Church of Englands rules
    • Trade Unionists became more active and well organised
      • Many supported the early Labour party and the Liberals
      • Because of the Taff Vale
    • Unionists failed in some areas
      • Failed to bring change to child welfare, unemployment, sickness benefit and old age pensions.
    • Balfour
      • Was a poor leader
      • V indecisive and didn't tackle the big issues
        • Eg with the whole tarrif debate, he failed to be clear with his opinion
    • Secret electoral pact between Liberals and Labour
      • Liberals agreed not to put up candidates in some seats were the LRC had a better chance of winning (+vise versa)
      • In constituencies where the liberals could win the seat if the vote was split between the Liberals and Labour
    • Chinese slavery scandal
      • terrible working conditions Chinese workers were made to work in
      • Scandal made the Unionists out to be an uncaing party


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